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[ki|ry]an Code & Photography

Kian Ryan
16 July 1983
External Services:
  • kian@orangetentacle.co.uk
  • kianryan
Software Engineer by day, fencer and photographer by night (and weekends of course). This is my photo and professional journal, which complements by regular journal pteppic. I'm a bit of a traditionalist and currently shoot and collect Minolta 35mm equipment. The digital era for me is something which happens via my film scanner. I post my final work on www.kianryan.co.uk and am happy to service any requests for prints, etc.

My photography tends to be quite varied, ranging from portraiture to landscapes and still-life to sport. I tend not to care too much for the subject, but am more interested in capturing some value in the image. I hope this is reflected in my work.

Enjoy :-)